Package is late, just like multiple times before this. Heather got a notification from Amazon that USPS couldn’t leave the package unattended. For pens? That doesn’t make sense. Also, nobody arrived at the house yesterday, much less knock or leave a notice.

The fact is the USPS lied about their attempted delivery. Nobody came to the home.

Heather was at home today and was waiting downstairs anticipating the package getting delivered. The mail came, but her package didn’t get delivered. Heather thought that maybe it would be coming via a separate truck or carrier or something, so she waited until late in the day. She was upstairs and got a tracking notification that “there was an attempt to deliver..”, but nobody knocked.

At this point the package is two days late and Heather got two tracking notifications that she believed to be false.

Heather decided to file a complaint online with USPS Support. She was having a very hard time finding where to submit the complaint. She decided to go to Yelp and leave a review, but what she found was that other people have had similar problems with mail delivery from the Arlington USPS. After a lot of searching, she eventually found the complaint form.

By this time Heather was so frustrated she filed a pretty angry support ticket, saying:

  • she was waiting all day for the delivery;
  • asked, ‘Why I have to sign for these things? Usually you guys just throw my things against the door and leave.’
  • she wasn’t alone based on the Yelp reviews she found;
  • she’s had similar delivery issues like this in the past and she started to request tracking notifications because of how unreliable deliveries have become;
  • concluded saying, ‘You guys suck ass’.