Sharon Demirdjian, our mail carrier, retaliated for the complaint Heather filed by knocking on our door with a copy in hand and yelling at Heather when she answered.

At around 11AM Heather was sitting downstairs watching TV and heard the doorbell ring. She looked through the window and saw Sharon holding up a piece of paper with an angry look on her face. Heather answered the door.

“May I help you?”.

Sharon handed Heather the complaint letter. “Did you write this?”.

Heather said “Yes”, and explained that her packages have arrived late multiple times and was pretty mad about it.

“Sucked ass? We suck ass? I don’t appreciate that language! Did you ever get your stuff?”


“And have I ever thrown your things before?”

“I don’t know if it’s you, but I certainly hear them hit the door. I didn’t put anyone’s name on that complaint, so don’t take it personally. I didn’t even know you were my mailperson.”

“Well my manager gets these complaints, and besides, I was on vacation during that time.”

“Well hopefully your manager is smart enough to know that.”

Yea, well.. I really didn’t appreciate your wording and language of this!

“I don’t apprecate you yelling at me at my door, and I don’t ever want to see you do that again.”

Sharon left the porch and over her shoulder, and yelled, “Oh don’t worry, I won’t!”.

Heather immediately called me and told me about the incident.

She then sent an email to Support and then filed CA124631404 over the phone.

A short time later she got a call back from USPS Support saying that Sharon would be removed from our route.

A manager(Patty) from Arlington Post Office called afterward, indicating that Sharon WOULD NOT be removed from our route.