Sharon tossed our packages. When Heather picked up the packages from the front porch, Sharon screamed at her from the yard next door. This violates the no-contact agreement we had with Arlington USPS manager John Graves.

Sharon came to deliver our mail which included some Christmas gifts. She tossed them several feet to our front doorstep instead of handling with care. Heather witnessed this from our front window.

When she left our yard Heather picked up the packages and was looking at Sharon as she returned to her vehicle and parked in our landlord’s driveway. She saw Heather and yelled, “WHAT?” very loudly from my landlord’s property 40 feet away. My wife said nothing. She then proceeded to park at the street corner in front of our home and remained for a while. As far as I’m concerned, my wife is allowed to look at whatever she wants from her property.

Heather calls the post office to report it and the person on duty was reluctant to provide contact information for the new manager as John Graves has since departed. I later call new manager Cindy Skelton and scheduled a call.

Heather is severely distressed. She told me over chat how she structures her schedule to make sure she doesn’t run into Sharon while driving, and that she has little confidence things will change.