At 9AM that morning I called Cindy Skelton and briefed her on the current situation. She indicated that she’s trying to fix some problems left behind by her predecessor John Graves, and will try to handle this issue.

I laid out the current situation to Cindy:

  • We are getting poor service from our mail carrier for the last three months (Sharon Demirdjian).
  • We are getting poor support from members of your post office staff (Line Manager).
  • We are getting poor support and threats from members of management (John Graves).
  • Sharon verbally abused my wife on her own doorstep.
  • Sharon is mistreating our packages during delivery.
  • Our mail service sometimes fails to deliver packages on time.
  • Sharon is parking her vehicle in inappropriate spaces.
  • Sharon has violated an agreement made with USPS management that she would not communicate with my wife.

I explained that I lost all patience for this situation, as this is a problem that has not been resolved for an entire quarter. My wife has begun to structure her schedule around avoiding Sharon, and frankly nobody should be bullied by their postperson. We have moved all of our outgoing shipping needs to Fedex in response to this issue. I have also instructed Heather that if Sharon harasses her again on our property she is to call the police.

I requested that a new carrier be assigned to our route effective immediately, or I would be forced to take this matter to operations executives.

Cindy responded:

  • Since Sharon is a member of an union, her route cannot be changed.
  • The only way to manage this is via corrective action, and this is conduct unbecoming of a letter carrier.
  • It was also inappropriate for Sharon to have a copy of the original complaint Heather filed in August 2015.
  • Sharon will be summoned to her office and go over conduct.

Of course I wasn’t satisfied, but I felt at least she was willing to listen and manage the situation from her end.