I called Cindy to brief her on the current status, including recent issues. I prepared the following statement and read it to her verbatim.

Here’s the current situation since our conversation on the 3’rd.

It looks like you had a conversation with Sharon on the 3’rd or the 4’th. Following that there’s been some bizarre behavior.

On December 4’th, Sharon delivered a package without incident that was ~5lb however was carrying on a conversation with a random car on Sylvia street for extended periods of time, gesturing towards our house. It’s possible she was having a conversation with you or someone else from the USPS, but if not, she’s deciding to complain to neighbors about this situation.

We of course learned that later that was Cindy herself. Moving on:

On December 7’th, Sharon tossed an 8oz package onto our doorstep, doing staredowns with my wife when she picks it up. Package was small enough to fit in our box. Photos available.

We decided not to call you for a couple weeks as you were managing the situation and we wanted to take note of how things went over time. Because of what took place on the 4’th and the 7’th my wife has been observing Sharon’s actions upon every delivery. We just don’t have any trust that things will be done right otherwise.

Timing of mail delivery has been irregular. Usually she arrives at 11AM, on other days she’s arrived at 3PM. That may be because of Christmas and high package volume, but just noting it here. Also, my wife mentioned last week that she saw her treat other neighbor’s packages in the same fashion. I’m not sure what’s going on.

In summary: since our last conversation we’ve observed some things that could be characterized as passive-aggressive behavior. We have some packages expected for delivery shortly before Christmas and we have concerns about how they will be handled. My wife shouldn’t be in a place where she has to micromanage our mail carrier, and I’m starting to test video monitoring of our front door for quality assurance. How shall we proceed?

Cindy replied:

  • that Sharon is being watched on their side.
  • I was asked to stop Heather from looking out the window to defuse the situation. I said it is his wife’s right to do so, but I was willing to ask in good faith.

Of course when I asked, Heather refuses on the basis of it being her right- which was the right thing to do.