Heather went to the Post Office to pick up 9374889878901310371271. It took them 30m to find it! I filed a support complaint and sent emails cataloging the events of the past 4 months requesting senior USPS response.

Heather’s account of the situation:

The man at the front desk couldn’t seem to locate the hat, he asked for Amin’s ID and then he asked me to call him for the tracking and it still couldn’t be found. So he asked if I wanted to speak to management and I said yes.

The guy I spoke to had a red beard. I didn’t get his name. He wanted to know what my issue was with Sharon and I told him that we were in process with Cindy and that it was mostly about her yelling at me, throwing packages, and not putting mail in the mail box. He then went looking for the package.

He popped out to ask for my husbands last name, and then asked it if would be under my name to which I said no. He went back to looking.

Over five minutes later he comes back out with the package, and I asked him why wasn’t this delivered. He said he knew but he couldn’t tell me exactly why… he said that he suspected it was because there were a lot of deliveries that day and Sharon wasn’t working, so an a person unfamiliar with our area might have been making the deliveries and just forgot and didn’t notice the package till they got back to the office. I also asked why a notice hadn’t been left at our home to pick it up per the tracking information and he said, “I don’t know”. While I get them not for whatever reason being unable to deliver the package on the date it was promised, I still don’t know why it wasn’t delivered the next day, or why we had to make the drive to the post office to a package we didn’t have to sign for.

From this point we felt that we weren’t getting the help we needed from Cindy so we decided to escalate up the chain.

I filed support request HQ126514664 and copied uspstechnicalsupport@mailps.custhelp.com, richard.p.uluski@usps.gov to try to get attention to this matter.

I cited all of the issues which took place since August, included the video I recorded the day before, and ended with the following:

This has been a repeat problem since September: my wife complained online and she got yelled at by our mail carrier on September 9’th (CA124631404). Former manager John Graves failed to take ownership of the situation and actually threatened to stop our mail on Sept 23’rd as the situation continued to escalate. Current manager Cindy thankfully has worked with us in the last month and has taken action steps. Despite this, these issues continue to persist.

We are now at month FIVE of substandard service. To be plain, I am beyond the point of frustration. Fixing this will require the following:

  • If customer expectations are set for time of delivery for a given package, the customer should be notified promptly and with accurate information if something exceptional happens. This is actually the thing that got my wife frustrated in the first place and initiated the complaint that resulted in her getting yelled at.

  • Delivery failures should be taken seriously and trigger a process for continuous improvement.

  • Mail carriers should treat their customers and their packages with respect.

As demonstated in the linked video, I am now monitoring my front door to ensure quality of service as I have absolutely ZERO trust that my mail will be handled timely or with care. Please take responsibility of this situation and demonstate a deliberate and sustained effort to make sure these repeat issues are resolved.