Our mail was stopped and we were reported to the Postal Inspectors for filing a complaint, monitoring our front door using our camera system and for Heather looking out the window.

Heather called Cindy at 3:14PM regarding another package 9361289878905916174568 that was out for delivery then changed to delivered on Saturday.

Cindy took down the tracking number. She waited.

“Yea, my name is Cindy, and I’m the manager here. I’ve been speaking to your husband about the problems we’ve been having with Sharon. Your package is here at the post office to be picked up.”


“Well, I saw the complaint that was written on the website. I saw the video and the pictures, and Sharon hasn’t done anything wrong from what I can see. The fact that you are taping her, she’s taking that as harassment.”

“I think someone knocking on my door to yell at me is harassment.”

“Well, the problem here is that you’re videotaping her and you’re taking pictures of her and putting them online and your husband assured me that you would stop watching her from your window.”

“You do not control what I do in my own home. I can look out of whatever window I please and watch whomever I want.”

“Yea, but Sharon feels that that’s harassment.”

“I am free to do that. You do not control what I do in my own home, and that I am also free by Mass law to record her so long as I don’t have audio because of wiretapping rules.”

“This is harassment. Your mail has been stopped, and I have contacted the postal inspectors to investigate you.”

“I don’t care, I’m going to contact your VP. This is ridiculous.”

Heather hung up.

So our mail was stopped because I started recording our front door and Heather continued to look out the window. We didn’t commit a crime. We did something completely reasonable, like every supermarket, bank, or any other place of business on the western hemisphere would do: the equivalent of having CCTV and security personnel on duty.

So I sent an email to consumer&industrycontactgreaterbostondistrict@usps.gov with the following:

To Whom It May Concern-

Copied is support request HQ126514664. This has been a result of 5 months of issues with my current mail service, located at 10 Court St, Arlington, MA 02476.

In response to my complaint, my mail has been stopped.

Problem Summary:

We get notifications that packages are out for delivery, and then they never arrive. This happens again and again.

My wife gets frustrated and writes an online complaint in the beginning of September.

Our mail handler comes over the next day with a copy of the complaint in her hands, knocks at my door, and yells at my wife.

I contact the post office management directly, requesting an apology and resolution to these issues. Our mail carrier can’t be removed because she’s in a union.

The mail handler starts acting passive-aggressive, and packages continue to come late. My wife starts watching the front door during delivery. This problem starts to affect our day-to-day life; my wife gets panic attacks because we get a bully to deliver our mail every day. We call post office management (John Graves) and we’re being accused of harassment! To try to defuse the situation, we agree to pick up all packages that need signatures, and the mail handler is told not to talk to us.

Mail handler yells at my wife again from across the street.

Manager John Graves gets fired, now manager Cindy comes on the scene in December. I tell her the situation and she starts doing her own investigation. (To clarify, John did not get fired. He just moved elsewhere. I went with the information I had at the time.)

Packages continue to get tossed at the door before Christmas. I call again the week before Christmas, Cindy tells me that my wife looking out her window is harassment, and that our mail handler is doing nothing wrong. My wife has a right to look where ever she pleases from her property, but I asked her to stop to try to de-escalate things. She disagreed, and that’s totally fine.

I installed a security camera before the new year to monitor my front door shortly after for quality assurance, so my wife doesn’t have to watch and if anything does happen I have proof to bring to management. I don’t record audio out of compliance of MA law.

It’s now January. Packages are repeatedly coming in late or not at all despite notifications to the contrary. Our mail handler won’t even walk up our steps to deliver our packages, even through one of them fits in our mailbox. I had to pick up a package yesterday that got lost. I filed HQ126514664 out of frustration. I even tried to cc Richard P. Uluski, Vice President, Area Operations out of desperation. I don’t get a call back.

No mail came in today. My wife called the post office and Cindy replied that she is holding our mail because recording my front door is ‘harassment’, and is calling some kind of investigation. That’s where we are now.

So it’s ok to deliver my packages late and yell at my wife when she complains, but it’s not ok to record my property, just like every bank, supermarket, and private residence does. USPS still delivers to those places last time I checked.

So apparently it’s also not ok for my wife to look out the window when the mail carrier arrives to make sure our packages don’t get mistreated. Should a receptionist turn around and close her eyes every time the postman comes to the office?

Yesterday I was hopping mad. Today I am livid. Can somebody, ANYBODY, empathize with me and help me with this total nonsense? Since when can someone come over my house and yell at me and punish me when I provide feedback for poor service?

I have provided my contact information below and am more than willing to join a call with someone senior in the support organization to get this sorted out.

I sincerely appreciate your time and attention to this matter.

I got no response.