Postal Inspectors visited the home while I was out with an agenda for us to stop recording our front door. We decided to seek legal representation.

Two men dressed in black peacoats and suits came in a black SUV parked across the street at around 1:30 PM. I wasn’t at home.

Heather answered the door and the men announced they were from the Postal Inspection service and they were here “to help straighten some things out”.

She said that she didn’t know they were going to show up and that postal inspectors were biased and therefore would not interview her.

They laughed, and said “no, we are here for both parties. We are here to find out what happened, to get it so that we can get your mail started again, and that you wouldn’t have to film her ( our mail carrier), and that your packages would not be thrown.”

Heather told them that was wonderful, and that she didn’t really want to have my mail stopped, and that it has been really frustrating that nobody has helped us. She stated that the only reason we put up the camera was due to having five months worth of issues and that I understand that Sharon is being watched by the Postal Service but likewise we have to protect ourselves.

They replied: “That’s why we are here.”

Heather said that “I would be happy to have you in, but I don’t think it’s right to speak on my husband’s behalf, considering half of these issues also include him. He would be home at 4, he leaves work at 3 and takes the T home from Boston.”

Reply: “Uhhhhh..”

She asked, “Can we reschedule for a different day? Is that OK?”.

Reply: “How about Monday?”

Heather said: “That means my husband would have to miss work and that would be really disruptive. How about Tuesday because he works from home every Tuesday and his job won’t miss him, and you can plan your day knowing we will be here?”

They were slightly reluctant, but they agreed. Heather thanked them, and restated how this has been such a big problem lately and we were happy to have someone speak to us.

They said: “Yea, we just want to make your lives go back to normal.. we just want to make sure you feel safe, and that you don’t have to record her, and your packages don’t get thrown and your mail gets delivered.”

Heather thanked them again, and they left.

When I got home, Heather and I discussed it and came to the conclusion that our rights were being violated. We decided to seek out legal representation.