Today we officially began work with lawyer Lauren Thomas to represent us on this issue with the USPS. She succeeded in getting mail restarted. Details below.

At her office we filled her in on the current situation and provided call/chat transcripts, photos/video, etc.

She called Cindy Skelton later that day and formed the following agreement:

  • mail will be resumed the following day with professionalism;

In exchange for:

  • no video recording;
  • no filing complaints;
  • no social media posts (which we haven’t done for months, but ok);
  • no window viewing;
  • any/all things that can be seen as negative

This agreement is for a 3 month period to provide time to work towards a long-term fix.

Heather and I agreed on those terms, understanding that this is not permanant and nowhere close to an ideal state.

I started to route my package deliveries to my office, and Heather started to come into Boston with me several times a week to get some space.