Sharon Demirdjian took a photo of Heather from across the street while she was inside her home.

From an email Heather sent:

So today I went out and put a letter out to be delivered to my dad for Father’s day. Sharon came and got it and went back to her car.

I went to get the mail she left and went inside. Then I stood watching her at my front door window, because I’m allowed to do that, and she pulled out a phone and took a picture of me!

Now I understand I can take video and pictures of her because she’s a government employee, but I’m in my own home, on my property, and she did this…who’s to say she won’t be posting it on her social media? I mean, it has my house number and everything.

I’m shaking I’m so upset right now.

Our camera system was affected by a recent power outage so I didn’t get the footage. I recovered the system shortly after.

Later in the day Sharon returned in her truck to video record, and I did get the footage of that. Heather and I couldn’t believe how brazen her behavior was.