Lauren provided us with the final draft of the grievance and affidavits for us to sign. We signed them. She sent them to:

  • the Arlington Post Office;
  • Recorder, Office of the Judicial Officer in Arlington VA;
  • General Council, Torts, General Law Service Center in St. Louis, MO.

The grievance called for:

  • timely delivery of the mail;
  • timely processing of outgoing mail;
  • that Heather and I be treated with respect;
  • investigation for criminal activity;
  • removal of Sharon Demirdjian from our route;
  • 1st Amendment right to record/post to not be abridged;
  • Right to look out of window on personal property not be abridged

The expectation was that Arlington USPS management (and higher ups) seeing us taking this issue very seriously would trigger immediate change.