This is a turning point in this conflict as we begin to see USPS personnel other than Sharon getting involved and USPS personnel driving by our home an excessive number of times.

Heather begins to spend her day observing USPS activity from our front stoop to record their activities, frequency, and possible vehicle numbers as the current camera in place could not capture that.

At 9:46 AM a truck drove by.

At 10:18 a USPS employee drove by and photographed our house, laughing and smiling the whole time. (EDIT: in retrospect, Heather believes this person to be Alan Hodgkins. See what happens the following day.)

At 15:00 another carrier claims that recording USPS workers is illegal:

Here’s the same event, from the POV of the house camera:

Another truck driving by at 15:14.

Yet another truck driving by at 15:19.

With all of this taking place, nobody delivered to our home that day, nor did they to several of our neighbors.

Also, who has been telling these carriers that recording them is illegal? That’s a clear falsehood.

One of the carriers who delivered to a house nearby had a 5 minute conversation with them talking about this conflict.

An excerpt from Heather’s account about what happened that day:

I feel stalked. I feel harassed and bullied to the point of depression. I’m considering seeing a doctor because the sheer amount of stress has become impacting to my life. I don’t know if the grievance is going to fix anything because it’s gotten so big, and I’m having to come to terms that I’m probably going to have to move out of the house that I like, and go someplace else not because I want to, but because I’ve been bullied so bad. I’m feeling like there’s no end to this.

Also noting here that the Father’s Day card that was sent out on the 3rd hasn’t arrived yet.