The situation continued to escalate. This is also the day that a new male carrier, Alan Hodgkins, took a prominent role in harassment.

At 10:23 Sharon arrived in her personal vehicle. She recorded Heather. Heather smiled, waved, and said ‘hi’ in response. Unfortunately Heather’s phone ran out of storage and we got no footage of this exchange.

At 11:56 a carrier drove by.

At 12:11: Truck comes up a side street that is around 100 feet away from our house. Driver yells “HI!” sarcastically very, very loudly. This indicates that Sharon is sharing her videos with fellow employees. Took place out of range of front door camera, and Heather’s phone was still full. Soon after she deleted some content after I showed her how over chat as I was at work.

Heather believes this person to be Alan Hodgkins, who she encounters later in the day.

At 13:44 another truck drove by.

At 13:49 Alan parked his truck down the street from our house in a no-parking zone, blocking an entrance to a public park. We have never seen this behavior before by any member of the USPS. This was particularly troubling since if Heather wanted to leave home and go somewhere she would be noticed. She felt like Alan was engaging in behavior consistent with stalking. She decided to head this off directly by walking down the street in an attempt to get the truck’s number so we could notify our lawyer and USPS leadership that this took place. The truck’s number is 9275078.

Alan left his truck and approached Heather asking why he’s being filmed on his lunch break, and said that it is illegal to film a federal worker (which isn’t true). He also said that Heather was on private property, as she was standing on our neighbor’s driveway. Alan let slip that he was aware of the issues we had with Sharon, and Heather replied that even though he knew that, he decided to park down the street from our house anyway. Alan started to approach her slowly, which made her uncomfortable. She asked him to step back. He said no, saying that he was on public property. He then proceeded to call Arlington Police, and Heather decided to end the conversation and head home.

We have the video footage here, without sound.

Heather calls me at work telling me what happened. I end my work day early to rush home in case something bad happens.

At 13:57 the police arrive.

At 14:00 the police leave. That means the police spoke to Alan for a couple minutes. They never visited our house to ask any questions, probably because Alan was wasting Arlington PD’s time.

At 15:34 another truck arrives, deliveries took place on the street. Carrier seemed to act normal.

Another day of tons of USPS activity taking place with no service to our home.

Here’s an excerpt from a message to that I sent to my lawyer later that evening:

It would be great if they stopped acting shady and ganging up on us like this. This is seriously emotionally taxing. I spent the past 3 hours preparing this for you and I spent 2 hours on yesterday’s. This is becoming a part-time job and I’m running on 5 hours sleep. Heather can’t leave the home to do grocery shopping or pick up an order of art prints because she’s afraid to leave the house. We feel under siege.

I cancelled a trip to Asheville, NC that I was supposed to take on the 17th because Heather did not feel safe due to the last two days of activity. The plane tickets were non-refundable.