Today marks the second time that we have evidence to show that Sharon Demirdjian has been interfering with mail in transit to/from our home.

Heather ordered some business cards from VistaPrint on June 9th, to promote her online art business:

Here’s the shipping confirmation, sent June 14th. Note that the expected delivery date is for the 17’th (the date for this post). Heather deliberately chose UPS from a list of shipping options to avoid using USPS. What we did not know is that USPS would be responsible for the last mile.

Here’s the status information from UPS for that day indicating that delivery was attempted and a notice was left.

Not True. Here’s Sharon walking past our house with the box in hand. This video was taken inside our house, behind the door. There was no obstacle in Sharon’s way to serve our house. She didn’t serve a notice.

Sharon returned to her truck with our box in hand.

When we finally got the delivery on June 21st, I took video of Heather reproducing Sharon’s path with the box. This is what we found:


  • We ordered something that was supposed to be delivered on the 17th.
  • Sharon walked past our house with a package in hand on the 17th that she never delivers and brings back to her truck.
  • UPS notifies us that there was an attempted delivery and a notice was left, which the video shows is not true.
  • We try to reproduce the event and see that the box in the video is the same size as the box that we finally got..

Sharon withheld our mail from being delivered.