At 15:30 mail was delivered without incident by the same gentleman from yesterday. It looks like something happened where Sharon is no longer delivering to our house. This is an improvement, but at this point I would prefer that Sharon be removed entirely.

Earlier in the day 11:14 Sharon delivered to the house furthest down our street and left.

From Heather:

Maybe I’m being a bit vindictive, but I don’t feel like this is fair…they put us through 10 months of nasty stuff! Being paranoid, having to record my home, multiple drive bys from her co-workers, being taped, having to put signs in my windows, having my neighbors hear from her about what’s going on, being openly mocked from their landings, having my mail tampered with, having the federal and local police called on me, getting a lawyer to deal with all this, anxiety and depression, job time missing, plane flights cancelled, being yelled at…and they think that moving her one street over is going to fix all that?