We got the following notification from our lawyer: Cindy Skelton is no longer working at Arlington USPS. This is probably why Sharon and Alan started acting so badly- they didn’t have management oversight. The new manager is Nancy Nigro, who is currently getting briefed on the situation.

So this is the 3rd manager of the Arlington USPS since this began. Since Nancy assumed her role Sharon has apparently been removed from delivering to our house or homes near us but still serves her current route otherwise. She sometimes appears to deliver to a particular house down the street that’s in view of our home. This isn’t the ideal situation (I’d prefer complete and permanant removal and a criminal investigation as per what the grievance called for), but it’s an improvement.

I’d also like to remark that this is the first time that a member of USPS management responded to this issue in a reasonable way, and it took almost 10 months for that to happen.