Sharon Demirdjian screamed slur ‘dyke’ at Heather from her mail truck.

Heather was driving home from running some errands and went up the street that leads directly to the front of our house and noticed that someone resembling Sharon was delivering. We were of the impression that she shouldn’t be doing that, but rather delivering to places that were not in visual range of our house.

So Heather walked back down the street to take a second look. It was in fact Sharon.

Heather decided that she was going to record Sharon’s activities from our property in case she decided to take photos / yell again. Sharon delivered, yelling the word ‘dyke’ at Heather from her truck:

Around this time Heather was waiting for a bank card to be delivered. The bank said it was supposed to be delivered on Monday the 27th, so it is now late.

We forwarded this information to our lawyer since it seems that Sharon is still trying to continue this conflict though she doesn’t deliver to our house anymore. There’s also concern about getting key financial mail delivered to our home intact.