Our lawyer successfully contacted Nancy. Nancy provided the following details regarding Sharon:

  • Sharon admitted to yelling at Heather, but claims that she yelled “Get a Life”. It doesn’t matter what Sharon said, she shouldn’t be doing it.
  • The video will be sent to the Labor department.
  • Sharon was again instructed to stay away from our home.
  • Nancy’s ability to implement change is limited due to her level of authority as well as the union.

It was also mentioned that Sharon felt antagonized by Heather recording. To be frank, it wouldn’t be a problem if Sharon did her job instead of engaging in harassment, tampering with our outgoing mail, withholding service, and then failing to follow the simple instruction of staying away from our home when someone else got assigned to serve it.

I have to say that Nancy was the first manager who swiftly responded to these issues as they came up. I want to be on the record that she did a great job given the circumstances she was placed in.