Heather started to see a therapist using an online service.

In a status update to our lawyer, Heather writes:

I don’t like talking about it too much unless it’s necessary. Sometimes when panic starts, I can pull myself out of it. However, the last year dealing with the stress of Sharon every day causing trouble and all that has triggered so much anxiety, it has led to depression, and that combo is much harder for me to deal with. So I have gotten some help. Amin has also noticed this downward spiral and is supportive of my therapy, and also suspects Sharon has contributed a great deal to it. I’m letting you know because he said I should just to keep you updated. Also, my therapist is probably going to start recommending I return to the gym, since that helps lift moods. I’m not sure how I can do that if there’s a chance of running into Sharon on her route. I guess I could go in the evening with Amin, but I’m more of a morning person. I just don’t want her telling her manager I’m actively seeking her out on her route, when I’m really going to or coming from the gym.