A unknown USPS carrier got the contact info from our landlord from his work van and made a harassing phone call in an attempt to start problems between our landlord and us. We believe the carrier to be Alan Hodgkins.

From Heather:

I just finished speaking with our landlord. He told me that about a month or two ago one of his guys was at a hardware store, and a male USPS worker saw the name on the side of the truck and asked if it was the same person who owns our address. The employee said it was and the USPS worker took our landlord’s number off the side of the the work truck. He then called our landlord and told him that he’d been having trouble with us. My landlord (who is aware of the situation) told the guy that actually we had been having trouble with them, and that the walkway is brand new, there’s no way the mailboxes could be blocked, and that he didn’t see why they couldn’t deliver mail in an orderly fashion. He said “I wasn’t giving the USPS worker the answers he wanted and he was getting agitated with me so I just gave it right back to him.”

I had to apologize to our landlord that he had been roped into this situation. I’m appalled that a USPS worker (who is not Sharon) had the nerve to call my landlord to yell at him about us..