Heather ordered a DVD as one of her Christmas gifts to me. It came damaged, with telltale signs that the package was deliberately tampered with by human hands.

I got one of Amin’s Christmas gits yesterday. Today I was going to wrap it. It was a DVD. As I took it out of the packaging, I noticed that not only did it sound like the DVD was rolling around in there, there were tiny pieces of plastic which lead me to believe that the actual DVD was broken. I also noticed that the box itself was badly damaged. It looks as if someone took both their thumbs and pressed on the package so hard that it actually broke the plastic box, as well as the mechanism which holds in the DVD…The DVD was also scratched. I had to break the plastic which covers the DVD as well as the protective seal to check on this item, so I’m not sure I can return it. It would appear to me as if someone took both thumbs and pressed until they heard a snap, considering the extent of the damage.

I am disheartened by this, and I’m now worried how the rest of my orders will be handled. I haven’t been recording Sharon with my phone or looking out the window or anything. We’ve been avoiding all conflicts as best as we can.

I feel like this is what we’re getting since we sent that video of Sharon yelling at me. They’ve talked to our landlord and now we’re getting damaged packages again, just in time for the holidays.

An interesting thing to note is at around this time our lawyer recieved word that Nancy Nigro is no longer manager at the Arlington USPS. This means that once again when there is a leadership change, things start to come apart.