Our lawyer confirmed that there was a management change at the Arlington USPS and spoke to the new manager to get him up to speed. The new manager’s name is Don Piscatelli. Our lawyer forwarded the following:

  • he doesn’t want for us to have any more problems while a permanent fix is put in place;
  • he wants to take care of our mail personally to ensure our mail is not tampered with or destroyed;
  • he wants to ensure that we are not intimidated by any of the carriers;
  • he is extremely concerned about the harassing phone call placed to our landlord in the summer

He requested that we do not approach vehicles to record per what happened earlier in the day. We were willing to comply, however that does hamper our ability to gather evidence of harassment if it continues.

This is the first time that a manager suggested anything about a permanent fix or took a personal approach to our mail delivery.