Heather and I were returning home from running some errands and we saw none other than Alan Hodgkins’ mail truck parked across the street from our house.

That’s the exact opposite of what my expectations were. How was this an ok thing to do, especially since Don made a commitment to personally address our past issues with these people? This is a step in the total opposite direction.

Things have been quiet for the last two weeks and we were hoping that Don Piscatelli’s presence would now have a calming effect on the situation and get the misbehaving carriers to fall in line.

I think Al was simply trying to rattle our cage and bait us and didn’t expect for us to record his behavior from our property.

Later that morning Heather was driving to the gym, Al magically appeared in her path. From a mail to our lawyer:

Heather took the car for a drive afterward to head to the gym on Mass Ave heading eastbound. This mail carrier was parked out front of the old folks home. As Heather passed by, he was just staring at her as she passed. She didn’t engage him in any way. She didn’t know he was going to be there. After this happened she drove home.

From Heather:

I didn’t want to run into him. I decided to take Amin’s car and go down to the gym since I’m basically shaking I’m so mad, and my therapist said that’s a good way to deal with negative emotions. On my way when I saw him I was just like, well crap! Now he’s going to say I’m following him when that wasn’t my goal at all. This is my neighborhood, and I pay to go to the gym! I didn’t want him crying to his manager that I’m following him, so I got to the gym, turned around and headed home to inform Amin. I’m still under stress. I’m still mad as hell, but currently I can’t do anything outside of my home to fix that.