Alan Hodgkins is starting to act aggressively towards us using his mail truck when we are away from the house.

Today I rode the bus home from work and got off at a bus stop in my neighborhood. Heather picked me up near the bus stop since it’s a little bit of a walk to get home and the path is on Al’s route. It was around 3:45PM.

On the way back home we passed Al’s truck that was parked. He abruptly started moving once we passed and then tailgated us for a few hundred feet where he finally turned left onto a side street. I was looking behind through the rear window just seeing this take place and I suppose he turned when he realized I was a passenger in the car and paying attention.

I think Al is taking opportunities to harass us while we are in the neighborhood and out of of view of our home cameras, which at this point monitor the front of our home. He also knows that Don Piscatelli asked us to not record carriers with our cell phones, meaning he’s trying to exploit a potential weakness.

I notified my lawyer and then purchased two dash cams for front and back windows so future interactions with Al while driving in my neighborhood can be documented. Using a vehicle to intimidate someone is aggressive and dangerous.

This guy needs to back off. We’ve followed our end of the bargain here and I’m really eager to see him out of our neighborhood so this nonsense doesn’t persist.