Al Hodgkins has started to appear more and more often in view of our home, primarily behind our home which has a cul-de-sac which is on his route. USPS would argue that “it’s his route”, but Al is definitely taking advantage of that by passing by way more than necessary. At this time I do not record activities behind our home, so usually I depend on Heather to tell me what Al’s activities are.

From Heather, to our lawyer:

I was making lunch in the kitchen and I believe that I heard him go by our home. I know you said that was to be expected and it might happen so I ignored it. He was then taking care of the homes in the back of our house and drives by, then a second later he’s back and he’s delivering again. He couldn’t handle both sides of the street in one go. He had to do one side, drive away, U-turn, come back and do the other side. I know that this is still part of his route but I feel he’s still trying to make the maximum amount of passes he can. I continued to cook my lunch and ignored him. Then I’m sitting here about fifteen minutes or so ago, and I hear him drive past our house and down [street]. Once again, I get it, they can’t change his route and he feels it best to go past our house and down the hill, but this coupled with the tailgating, I feel like he’s mad because I’ve been venturing out of my home these last few days. I’ve also changed gyms because the idea of going to the one in Arlington was just too stressful. I now go to one in Lexington and in Boston. This requires Amin and I to share the car, and I pick him up at the bus stop in Arlington (which is why the tailgating happened). I’m sure this guy isn’t happy to see me randomly on his route, but at the same time, I live here. I have spent the last year in my house afraid to leave and I’m done. He’s going to have to deal with it, because I’m not going to be waiting for a route change that may or may not happen. Amin is currently researching car cameras for the front and back of our car so we can document this stuff. The last thing I want is for him to pull out in front of us, or rear-end us and talk about how we did something to him.

Heather’s description is quite accurate. Al has driven in the cul-de-sec behind our home with the intent to look into our home and observe Heather.

As I only have video of the front, here’s him driving past: