Today Al Hodgkins recorded Heather with his cell phone from a neighbor’s landing. Given that it has now been a whole year since we had to hire a lawyer to manage this situation, Heather and I are starting to get extremely frustrated that little has been achieved to solve this problem, despite filing a formal grievance and my lawyer spending a lot of time on the phone with management.

Up to this point we have cooperated with USPS leadership 100% and have been extremely patient despite them failing over and over again to fix a simple problem of misbehaving employees. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that our patience has run thin, and our ability of maintaining objectivity is fast vanishing. The emotional impact of what we’ve experienced is starting to get to us. Heather and I don’t even get to ‘live for the weekend’- our single moment of solace is on Sunday when the USPS isn’t delivering. Heather is starting to cook less often because she’s afraid of Al watching her in the kitchen. Heather is going to the gym less often because Al is always around and she doesn’t want to encounter him. She’s gained 50 pounds since this issue started in Sept 2015. Our collective lives are being spent going over the day’s nightmare, writing emails to our lawyer, and going over video footage. Between the two of us it’s becoming a full-time job just to fight for our right to a peaceful life at our home, and we’re losing confidence that this will ever really end. The USPS has taken over our lives, and has eroded the trust that I have in the government and in people in general.

Al continues to drive past the house multiple times a day to get a rise out of Heather when she is home.

From this point this starts to return to the level of insanity where USPS carriers start to record us with their cell phones. In particular, Al. In this video you can see him walk to the house behind us with a phone in hand recording Heather. You can also hear Heather warn that he will be monitored when he drives by and also reminds him that management has instructed him to leave her alone:

And here’s Al driving past the front of our house again, despite it not being on his route:

That day I wrote the following to our lawyer:

This is getting out of control again. This is like the stuff that happened with Sharon last summer.

Heather followed up:

Please if you can, can you talk to management as soon as possible, because I’m sure he’s going to go crying to them about how he’s done nothing wrong. I’m also concerned on how this is going to escalate. It’s clear he wants to get his blows in.