Heather watched on the porch as Al Hodgkins delivered behind the house. He saw the sign, and immediately took his camera out to record us (and the sign). He didn’t get it. He didn’t care.

Something in me snapped at that moment. Up to this point I’ve been calm and collected when it came to this problem with the USPS. Every step I took was calculated and well thought out. I was convinced that with enough evidence, reason, and grace I would be able to influence people to do the right thing, as those things served me well in my professional life. My choice of weapons were politeness, technology, and eloquence. I’ve done my best to take the high road in every situation even to the point of being in conflict with Heather at times.. even to the point of being at a tactical disadvantage when it came to agreements between us and the USPS, in good faith that they would actually fix it. I wanted to retain my wits, my composure and my dignity through this. At that moment I briefly lost those things. In a letter to our lawyer:

I haven’t spoken a word to a mail carrier since our engagement with you began one year ago.. until today. I’m sick and tired of people being able to do this stuff with little accountability, and to be frank I am at my wit’s end.

So I yelled at Al. I called him a ‘chump’, which means a foolish person. I told him to stop this behavior. I felt justified in commununicating that from a sense of marital duty but I regret having to yell and stooping to their level. After all:

I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. -George Bernard Shaw