We kept the signs up. Al Hodgkins was escorted by two men. Perhaps postal inspectors?

From an email to our lawyer from Heather:

Today two men in suits approached this guy who has been giving us trouble. They were talking with him and looking at our sign. They look a lot like the people who visited us telling us to remove our cameras (postal inspectors), and the fact that there were two of them makes me even more worried. Fortunately Amin is home and is currently printing out a sign with your contact information on it on our front door.

This is feeling very much like a repeat of last summer. As I recall, I’m allowed to put signs on my home, and to record. Amin did yell at this guy, but didn’t cuss him out and the last email show a video of that. I’m done being harassed and having the drive by’s and all this.

Our lawyer advised to take the sign down for now. She also responded by contacting Don Piscatelli over email and threatening to go over his head if he doesn’t get it sorted out. She advised him that we were having serious problems, especially regarding Al, and that this issue needs to be addressed immediately.

She also started to look into who could be escorting Al.