Heather got ganged up on by multiple carriers today. It looks like they were coordinating their efforts.

This morning, we took the sign down per Lauren’s advisement.

When Al Hodgkins delivered behind the house, Heather watched him from the porch. After he left she went back inside to sit in the living room.

A short time later, she saw a different mail carrier (Kevin Clark) drive up the street at around 3PM, frantically waving at Heather in a mocking way. Not Sharon or Al. Somebody else. It seems that Al is getting even more people involved.

This carrier went and parked and started to deliver houses on the adjoining street in front of our house:

Heather then went and confronted him about it:

I asked, “Why did you wave at me?” He didn’t respond but walked right past our house, and I repeated “Why did you wave at me if you’re not serving our home?!”. Again he said nothing. I then said that our home cameras caught it, I took down his truck number and told him to not wave at me if he’s not serving our house.

She also remarked:

Are they trying to make me look crazy?!?! I mean this guy has been working nearby for a while now and hasn’t done a thing. Now this starts?

Don apparently confronted this carrier about this event and he said that Heather just went into the street to yell at him for no reason. The above footage clearly shows that driver of truck 7201977 lied to his boss.

My analysis: Heather was baited so she would look belligerent or aggressive to prevent Don Piscatelli from following through on the route change. To our lawyer:

Heather’s experience uncovers something very interesting. These carriers are communicating with each other while on their route and coordinating their actions, probably over cell phones.


I’m afraid that the entire well may be poisoned and even if route changes take place, we may end up with another person to continue this conflict. They’ll mock and jeer, take photos/video, share them with one another for some laughs.

Unless Don handpicks everyone that serves our route and nearby, we will always be exposed to the equivalent of schoolyard bullying at our home.