Due to yesterday’s events with Alan Hodgkins coordinating harassment with another mail carrier, we were pretty upset. I was spending most of the day trying to fix the camera system issue. Al came to deliver behind the home as usual and Heather was pretty angry. We haven’t been saying anything to these people for over a year while they’ve been doing all this stuff to us.

It was a pretty busy day:

  • At ~8AM we had a person park in front of the house. He delivered a package to one home and left. We assume he isn’t a bad actor, but given that the manager supposedly instructed everyone to steer clear of our home unless they are doing a delivery, that’s a pretty provocative thing to do.
  • At 9:53 we had an unidentified driver drive by our home with a loud revving of an engine.
  • At 2:13 Al delivered behind our house. At this point Heather was pretty upset as she felt she was being ganged up on so she yelled at him out of defiance, saying that he can cry to his coworkers and his manager but she isn’t afraid of him. Note this is the first time she has spoken to Al since he recorded her from a neighbor’s landing on January 23rd. To be clear- Al has definitely inspired fear in him through his actions. What Heather said is what anybody would say to a bully.
  • At 2:49 an unidentified driver drives up Sylvia, doing only half the street (similar to the path that Sharon does). Assuming this is the problem person from yesterday, but I am not sure.

We continued to closely monitor the situation until 5PM and reviewed the tapes for when we were gone. The USPS comes by our home 4 times, none of which was actual serving of our street.