More coordinated efforts today. This time, it seems that some of the harassment is being done by people driving in regular non-USPS vehicles.

Sharon Demirdjian Appears

At 9:34 AM, out of nowhere, after many months of being completely absent, Sharon appears and drives past our house and parks nearby within view of our home. Heather notices this as it happens as she was in the living room. Again, she’s not supposed to be working near our house due to all the things that happened between Sept 2015 - June 2016. She was instructed to stay away by Nancy Nigro, and she hasn’t appeared at all prior to this moment during Don’s tenure.

Heather realizes that our camera system won’t provide sufficient evidence that this happened due to limited resolution. She needs to prove that this took place. So, she left the house and watched the truck for several minutes. It didn’t move at all.

She then went down the hill a ways, and verified Sharon with her camera at a sufficient distance to not show any aggression. Heather said nothing to her.

Sharon immediately acts like she’s recoiling from fear, and starts talking to the neighbor that she’s delivering to.

Heather was baited, AGAIN. Sharon deliberately did this to make Heather respond so she can characterize Heather as aggressive or crazy to USPS management.

From this point I left work to return home as it is clear that something bad is happening.

A Suspicious Vehicle Tapes our Home

While I was still on the way home, Heather noticed a suspicious vehicle whose male occupant was taking photos of our house from behind. Heather believes this vehicle was nearby when she was verifying that Sharon was on our street.

Heather starts to feel very unsafe at home. I suggested that she call the police and she does so. When I arrive home, the officer was there. The officer ran the plate and unfortunately did not get anything. Heather was simply too far away to effectively read the license plate.

Heather and I Stand Up To Al

At this point she feels that Al called in some reinforcements to retaliate for the sign. She became extremely frustrated that this conflict is descending further and further into absurdity and nothing is happening on USPS’ side to address it, despite my lawyer’s best efforts. She felt ganged up on by nothing short of schoolyard bullies. So when Al came behind the house that day, she decided to stand up to the bully. She put the sign back up. We both stood on the porch, and Heather yells:

“Hey everyone, this is the STALKER!”

Al spits in her direction.

“He likes to spit over people’s railings because he’s a big fat baby, and he thinks people are scared of him!”

I then yell:

“Keep your head down, and DO YOUR JOB!”

Were those actions petty? Probably, but what happened here was that we were just tired of the harassment and the bullying and we couldn’t tolerate it anymore. So we stood up to them in defiance. It doesn’t mean we weren’t and haven’t been afraid of these people. We did what we did despite the fear. We deserve peace at our home!

In response to what happened that day, Heather wrote:

This is like a cancer. I’m really exhausted, neither Amin nor I have been sleeping well. I’ve gained around 55 pounds since the beginning of this. I’m a mess right now. I can’t leave my home. I can’t even do normal things in my home because they’re doing everything they can to drive by or be assholes. I had to call the cops today because I was afraid to be at home alone with random cars coming by and what I think to be taking photographs. I want to cry, but I’ve cried so much over this already…now there’s nothing but anger, and numbness.

It’s torturous. To be afraid in your own home day after day. I have trouble sleeping because I have a nightmare and then wake up only to realize it’s only going to start again in a few hours.

Mail Carrier Activity

Today nobody has delivered to our house or anyone on our street. We realized that no deliveries happened yesterday either.