We learn that Don is completely unable to control the situation by means of adjusting routes- he is totally at the mercy of the “Route Inspection Team”. What this means is that he has no direct authority to solve the problem himself. This information was gathered from an email recieved on February 3rd.

Our lawyer decides today that it is time to go over Don Piscatelli’s head and directly contact Managing Council at the USPS Northeast Law Office to press the formal grievance filed in June. Again, this isn’t because he’s a bad manager or disrespected us in any way. On the contrary: he’s been the most active manager we’ve ever worked with- it’s simply due to the fact he has no actual authority to affect change.

She notified Managing Council of our situation and got a dialogue going. Hopefully that is a good sign.

But still- how can a manager at a post office not have the ability to dictate routes? That sounds like a key operational competency of the job.