Postal Inspectors visited our house without warning even though we’ve had legal council for over a year.

We got more vehicles driving by our house, but still no deliveries.

Then, at around 1PM, a couple of people that we’ve never seen before pulled into the driveway and walked to our front door. They drove an unmarked vehicle. They did not wear uniforms. They then started to bang on the door.

I was at work at the time and Heather was home alone. She did not answer the door and called 911. When she connected with the Arlington PD, the dispatcher explained that:

  • somebody that lived nearby called 911 because they haven’t been getting any mail;
  • those people at the door are Postal Inspectors, are actively looking for us, and we should talk to them;

Heather said that she won’t talk to anyone without a lawyer present and ended the conversation.

Our lawyer confirmed this: she followed up with Arlington PD and they told her that the Postal Inspectors were investigating a complaint from a neighbor. She tried to contact the Inspectors and did not get a call back. The regional council called the USPIS and they did not return his call either. Apparently regional council has no control over what the USPIS does, so we are at their mercy.

This means:

  • A neighbor called the police on us, who then looped in the USPIS.
  • The USPIS didn’t get involved until almost two weeks after mail was stopped, meaning the USPIS and Arlington USPS were not talking to each other;
  • The regional council that our lawyer has been working with had no idea that this is going on, and has no ability to stop USPIS;
  • This is the second time that federal police came to our house unannounced to investigate us, this time when we already clearly had legal council involved for over a year

I left work and did not return home until late in the evening to ensure that USPIS would not accost me. On the way home I picked up enough groceries to keep us for several days with the house completely on lockdown with lights off, and left my car at a different location so it would appear we were not home.