I continued to work from home. A pair of carriers went up and down the street delivering all the mail.. except to us. That includes the duplex right next door to us. I feel really bad for them because they are continuing to get punished for a situation that had nothing to do with them.

And..Alan Hodgkins delivers to the cul-de-sac behind our home once again.

USPS, let’s think about this for a moment:

  • You have a carrier that has committed harassing behavior against two customers for 8 months. There’s documentation and everything of this.
  • The situation escalates to the point where the customers put up signage and yell at him due to frustration.
  • You stop their mail and the mail of everyone around them for about two weeks, angering every single neighbor they have.
  • You send plainclothes federal agents to their house when somebody finally complains about the mail stoppage, even though they already had legal representation available to answer all questions
  • You turn the mail back on except for those two customers, and put the carrier that started the mess back on the route first thing

Now, please explain to me how this makes sense. Explain how this solves the conflict in the long term.

Heather was obviously upset about this development:

If this was our home that we were paying a mortgage on I’d be beyond livid. This is completely wrong. We’ve had our rights messed up, we’ve been taped, harassed, stalked, been forced into hiding, landlord called, things broken, and then they can walk away and leave us holding the bag with all our angry neighbors? We have to fucking live here!

I recommended to our lawyer that she reach out to Postmaster General Megan Brennan as this situation has gone beyond ridiculous and we need someone to actually manage the problem rather than continue to screw up.

Heather and I haven’t been getting good sleep lately.