Someone visited our landlady’s house today and was carrying some paperwork. We were concerned that the USPIS was possibly trying to pressure my landlady into taking some kind of action against us. Heather recorded her plates.

She contacted Arlington PD and they weren’t willing to say whether or not USPIS was in the area nor were they willing to run the plate. We understand their rationale- this taken on its own doesn’t look suspicious.

Our landlady wasn’t home. We notified her son that this took place.

No mail delivered to our home. Alan Hodgkins continues to deliver behind our home.

Furthermore, our lawyer contacted us saying that the USPS Regional Council is not willing to be reasonable in this matter:

  • The regional council again has no control over USPIS activities;
  • At the same time, our lawyer has been forbidden from contacting USPIS, meaning she has no ability from preventing them from trying to contact us directly;
  • Mail will only resume if there is no limitation on who the carrier is (meaning: Sharon Demirdjian and Alan Hodgkins can continue to be assigned near us and can continue to harass)

Which means that USPS’ stance is that they don’t really want to resolve the core issue here. They would rather continue having carriers acting with inpunity at and around our home.