Still on lockdown. The mood was somber.

Heather had this to say:

We’re in a cave. Scared to open our shades…Constantly watching and waiting for either Postal Inspectors, or USPS workers to do multiple drive by’s of our home.

This morning we woke up and it was so depressing…knowing we’re starting week three of living in the dark. I wish I could say I’m exaggerating but I’m honestly not. Yesterday proved that even when they deliver to a street and drive away we still have to be hyper vigilant because they could come back.

We’re actually worse off than where we were a year ago. Back then I wasn’t supposed to look out the windows….Now apparently I can’t even have my shades open. Our poor cats haven’t seen outside in two (going on our third) weeks. I caught one of them sitting on the sink where the one uncovered window was…He knows he’s not supposed to be there and never really goes there, but I didn’t have the heart to yell at him, because I understood. He hasn’t seen outside in a while. I let him stay.

We snuck out of the house to get some sunlight and do some reconnaissance of the path that Alan Hodgkins often takes to pass by the front of the house. We discovered something interesting.

Al’s Path is noted in red.

We already knew that the path that Al takes which passes by our house has many potholes. The street apparently isn’t owned by the town. It also includes a narrow street on an incline with vehicles parked on both sides that’s hard to navigate.

What I didn’t realize that he could easily take the blue path, bypass the front of our house entirely, travel a shorter distance, and drive on significantly better maintained roads.

Don Piscatelli in the past explained that Al took that route to take bathroom breaks. We came to the conclusion that Al seriously has no practical reason to drive by the front of our house other than to announce his presence and look into our home. He has no business driving past the front of our home at all.