Today is President’s Day. We were grateful to have a day off where we knew the USPS wouldn’t be around. Heather was making breakfast in the kitchen at around 7AM, and saw a man with glasses and a baseball cap just loitering around in the cul-de-sac behind our house. (Who wears sunglasses at 7AM in the dead of winter?) He was looking at our house. He had a similar body type as Alan Hodgkins. When Heather started to record he walked back to his car just parked out of view of our home and drove off. Heather wasn’t able to get a license plate since the car was so far away.

I came to the conclusion that we needed to have 24/7 recording of the activities behind our home. If Heather is being stalked, I need to be able to gather evidence from all vectors that are visible from our house. I left home using a rideshare and then purchased and deployed a camera that day.

Enough was enough. Regional Council wasn’t being helpful and now we have possible stalkers on a federal holiday casing my house.

Our lawyer decided to send an email to the following people:

  • Guy Cottrell, Head of Postal Inspectors
  • Edward Phalen, Jr, Northeast AVP
  • Megan Brennan, Postmaster General

Now we wait.