Our lawyer forwarded us a message from USPS Human Resources that was addressed to her. Apparently our situation has gotten their attention. The letter simply stated that the meeting took place, that the meeting addressed our concerns, and they hope that we will be satisfied with our mail service moving forward.

Again, at this point I want peace at my house, much less a satisfactory mail service. Good to know that HR is paying attention, though!

Our lawyer also advised that we wait and see what happens in a couple weeks with Alan Hodgkins to see if he gets bored and stops driving behind the house multiple times per day.

Heather replied:

My concern is, right now it’s manageable because it’s cold and the house is all shut up, but eventually the weather will be nice and the windows will be open and I’ll be on the deck working on my garden or just enjoying the weather and I don’t know how that will escalate things. Also, while I’ve gone a couple of times to the gym (when Amin is home and the the weather is nice) I’m striving to eventually establish a routine. This means Al will have to deal with me leaving the house and picking Amin up at the bus stop which is in our neighborhood (and also on his route). We’ll keep you posted, but those are my concerns. I worry that it will quiet down until I leave my windows open, or go out on the deck or am otherwise around the neighborhood since this has aggravated him in the past.

Amin has asked me to just do normal life stuff for another two weeks. He feels that by then we’ll have enough evidence to show that Al has been making time in his day and planning his route to pass our home as much as he can even though we’re not provoking him to do so. I have to bring in my lawn furniture before the blizzard, and he might see me doing that, but he’ll have to deal and we’ll be recording his actions and reporting them. So that’s where we are for now.