Alan Hodgkins appears behind the house to deliver earlier than he’s ever had (11:03AM), possibly to catch Heather by surprise.

I just returned from the gym (yay) and I took a shower and changed and then I decided to hang out in my office a bit and dry my hair, and put on make up (normal life things). So I’m putting on makeup and I go to get a q-tip and I look out my office window to see Al’s USPS truck parked there…I don’t know how long he’s been there.

(He was there for 5 minutes before Heather noticed and took that picture.)

He’s driven by the back of our home before to annoy us at this hour, but he’s NEVER delivered mail this early. I don’t know if his plan was to drive by but then he saw my office light was on and decided to be annoying and deliver, or if he saw me getting ready (I mean fortunately I had clothes on) but still.

The thing that really bothered me is that he usually u-turns, turning right and then backing up and leaving…This time, he pulled left, into a neighbors driveway so that he could clearly see me out his window and we made eye contact…It was like he wanted me to know that he saw me.

It’s really really creepy Lauren. I know you said that he’s probably just trying to be annoying but this is once again bordering on that creepy stalker level. Also I’ve been making a real effort to be normal. To do dishes, to cook, to go to the gym and to wear make up and not be afraid of rooms…but this is just messed up.

(EDIT 2017-05-04: Alan Hodgkins has never delivered that early since.)

Here’s the photo Heather took:

And a cam still of Al pulling into the driveway to look at her: