Today Al Hodgkins already drove past the back of the house twice before noon without delivering. The times he arrives are becoming more and more inconsistent.

Here are some chat messages from Heather:

(11:46:49 AM) How am I supposed to clean, when he is doing these drive bys, Amin?

(11:46:55 AM) How am I supposed to cook?

(11:59:37 AM) I’m going to be going downstairs now….I have to clean down there…I’ve spent all morning trying to be a good wife and go to the gym and clean the home and now I have to hide again…Or give him the satisfaction of sneaking up on me. He’s still looking to see if our car is in the drive, or if I’m sitting in the livingroom, then he gets to check the back of the home to see if I’m in the office, or in the kitchen. I thought I was safe in the bedroom, as I was trying to get the flower boxes ready for planting.

(12:00:23 PM) This isn’t normal…and this isn’t starting over, and this isn’t really living comfortably for me. I mean, I have to cook meatballs or that meat and the cauliflower is going to go bad.