USPS Leadership decided to try to put Sharon Demirdjian back to serving our house.

I was working from home today as I was recovering from the flu.

At around 9:30AM Heather while downstairs noticed Don Piscatelli was escorting a carrier while they were delivering mail to our street. As they approached, Heather recognized the carrier. It was Sharon. She was smiling ear to ear and looking at Heather the entire time. The person that started this 18 months of hell.. back to serving my house? Not happening. I didn’t agree to this when I met with Nick over a month ago.

Are you kidding me, USPS? That’s your idea of starting over?

We have Hodgkins going and playing peekaboo with my wife in his mail truck, and now this? I couldn’t believe it.

So I decided to head this off at the pass. I would prefer that our lawyer handle communications at this point, but I decided to make an exception: I stepped outside the front door, looked at Don and Sharon, and simply said:

“Well, this isn’t going to work.”

Sharon delivered to our mailbox. Heather was rightfully livid, but I wanted to communicate cordially with Don to see if we talk this out like reasonable people. It looks like this was Nick Francescucci’s idea.

I also took some time to discuss Hodgkins’ behavior while he was there.

I wrote our lawyer afterward. Regarding Don:

He of course is caught in the middle between what what we desire and what Nick desires. I told him I appreciated his position and what’s he’s doing, but putting the person who’s been bullying us back to our house after 18 months just makes little sense to me. It also makes little sense to me to have Hodgkins driving behind our house 5 times per day.

Heather replied:

I’ve been doing my best to carry on with life. I’ve gone to the gym three times a week for the last two weeks. I’ve started to lose weight again, and I’ve even started trying to cook more….I can’t and I won’t go out if coming home means I could have an encounter with her. I’m not going to wait for her to belittle me on my door step. I’m not going to wait for her to yell at me from her truck and call me more names. I’m not going out…it was fun, but I can’t risk it.

And as the icing on the cake:

Al drove by the front of the house today, which violates the agreement that we made with Nick.

I sent an email to Don Piscatelli with our lawyer copied:

We had an agreement. Al should not be driving past the front of our home. We have demonstrated that he has done so. This also demonstrates to me that your staff isn’t ‘starting over’ as Nick so eloquently stated. Please see to it that this gets addressed immediately.

I got no response.