Alan Hodgkins almost hit Heather’s car with his mail truck while passing.

He is starting to plan his movements in order to encounter Heather as often as possible when she is away from our home. This is probably due to the fact that we have home cameras that monitor all points of approach to our home.

I anticipated this when he tailgated us back in January. I already had front and rear dashcams installed and ready to go to record anything that happens.

As I mentioned in the past, several days a week I go to my job in Boston and then come back to my neighborhood by bus. This gives Heather the car and therefore the freedom to run errands, go the gym, etc as part of her normal routine. She picks me up close to the bus stop so I don’t have to deal with running into Al or deal with inclement weather while on foot. She leaves home to go to this bus stop at the same time on those days, drives the same route, and parks in the same spot.

Al did his delivery run at the time right before Heather usually leaves to head to the bus stop. She leaves once he left the rear of the home as to not be noticed.

Al decided to park near the spot he used to last June- near the no-parking zone by the entrance to the park. This time however, he was parking out of view of our home, meaning Heather didn’t notice him until she already turned onto the street he was on, which caught her by surprise. This also means that in order to get to the bus stop, Heather has to pass by Al and therefore be noticed.

Al was just sitting there in his truck. He wasn’t doing any deliveries. According to Heather he was using his cell phone and had reading glasses on.

Heather made it to the bus stop and then parked for around 10 minutes. Unfortunately that day I missed the bus that would take me to my neighborhood, meaning I would need to wait another 15-30 minutes before another bus came. Heather decided to pick me up at the subway station, which means she would need to backtrack in order to get to an onramp to the highway that will take her there.

Heather started driving and then was approaching a stop sign. In front of her was a white truck that was parked on the right side of the road that she would need to navigate around. Hodgkins approached and stopped at the stop sign from the oncoming direction. As Heather committed to driving around the white truck, Al accelerated from a stop and passed her as she passed the white truck. He almost hit her.

Heather’s account:

There was a truck parked on the side of the road so I moved to show that I was passing the civilian truck on my right. Al’s truck is at a stop sign so I thought I had plenty of time to pass the truck and give him room. INSTEAD, he hurries up past the stop sign, and is playing chicken with me. We managed to barely pass each other. I had my lights on, I gave him tons of warning, but he wanted to play chicken. I was afraid that if I stopped behind the truck that he would box me in and I’d have to wait, and possibly be in danger, or I’d have to squeeze by him (as I’ve had to in the past).

Less than an hour later, he drives behind our house twice, within minutes of each other. Note how slow his truck is moving when he does this.

So Al Hodgkins managed to squeeze 5 interactions in 1h 15m.

To our lawyer, I wrote:

Heather is pretty worried about how Friday is going to play out. I will be taking the bus home from work and we’ll be doing the exact same thing. This is us doing normal life. Al is incapable of conducting himself in a professional and un-creepy manner while we are doing normal life. Doing weird stuff with 2-ton vehicles, that’s a completely different class of nonsense I don’t even want to tolerate.