Alan Hodgkins monitored when Heather left home, and then used his truck to frighten/intimidate her as she was parked near a bus stop to wait for me.

Today I worked from Boston and therefore rode the bus home. This means that Heather needs to park near the bus stop to pick me up. Heather was dreading this for the past two days, and today’s fears became manifest.

From 2:57-3:16PM Al was visible and present behind the house doing his deliveries, however note this was over a period of almost 20 minutes.

Al walked into the middle of the cul-de-sac and was just standing there for several minutes (1m53s).

I believe it is to look at our home to see if Heather has left the house or not.

Al eventually leaves and positions his vehicle out of view of our home, but in view of the path of Heather would pass to pick me up.

When Heather leaves the house and drives along the path, Al is conspicuously in view(34s):

When Heather parked at her usual spot, Al immediately appeared as if he were tailing her from a distance. He turns onto a side street (1m51s):

He then reverses course and goes back to where he came from (2m26s).

5 minutes later he reappears, turns back onto the side street, then comes from behind Heather and parks closely. Al proceeds to laugh and jeer. Unfortunately we don’t have rear dashcam footage of what Al did (7m45s).

Al eventually drives around Heather and proceeds to deliver mail on this street (8m50s). As he drives by, he turns his head away from Heather so she can’t photograph his face.

He has conversations with all of the residents that live on the street that are outside. As this is happening Heather sees Al looking at her and then the residents are looking at her. We think that Al is talking about us to try to create discord between us and other people in the neighborhood.

She ends up calling me while I’m approaching on the bus (14m53s). She’s frantic, upset, and angry about the situation. I advise her to call the police if anything dangerous happens.

When I finally arrive and we drive away (27m42s), we can clearly identify Al from the dashcam footage and a neighbor looking at us warily. The neighbor was watching our car as we left.

At 4:57 PM he does a U-Turn behind our house one last time:

Later that day I wrote our lawyer:

I can draw only one conclusion: Al has been paying attention to our schedule, and deliberately did these things to frighten and intimidate Heather.

To put on the record: ‘normal life’ has been completely disrupted. We have been forced to take measures to avoid a postal worker in our own neighborhood. Heather has been avoiding being in the kitchen between the hours of 11 and 5 to prevent Al from being able to see her.

This is no longer an issue where things take place at/near home. The arena has expanded to our neighborhood.

This week, a government employee has deliberately gone out of his way multiple times to harass and intimidate my wife. Today he was flagrant to the point of monitoring her activities and then surprising her by coming up from behind using his truck, and then going and gossiping to people about us we don’t even know. We have all of this on camera. If he’s capable of this in his uniform, I don’t want to know the extent of his capabilities outside of his uniform.

Heather journaled the following day:

..I feel as though Al has the idea that this is fun. He acts horrible if he ignore him, he acts horrible if we’re pretending we’re not at home.. I also think he feels me leaving my home to get my husband at a bus stop that is on ‘his route’ is enough to punish me. He forgets that this isn’t ‘his turf’ as much as it’s ‘my neighborhood’.

..This needs to be resolved. I don’t think the USPS is going to do anything unless we release the website or Al kills me.