Alan Hodgkins is back to using his truck to watch us go to and from the bus stop. This is the first day that I’m back to work from a week-long conference.

Heather drives to park near the bus stop at around 3:15PM to wait for me to arrive.

At 3:32PM Al passes behind her on the street, like this:

Please mind the dashcam timestamps. The clock wasn’t configured properly.

As we are driving back, we see Al parked towards our direction within view of us passing. He’s not delivering mail. He’s just in his truck, watching us.

Here’s a still from the dashcam. He can easily observe us from where he was.

We notified our lawyer immediately afterwards.

So this is the fourth time that Al has done something deliberate to announce his presence or watch us when we are away from our home. We have had almost a week of quiet because I was at a conference and Heather hasn’t left the house when I was out. We’re back to our normal routine and Al immediately returns to this behavior first thing.

He did a parting U-Turn at 5:56 PM, the latest he’s ever appeared. Perhaps if he weren’t trying to figure out what Heather and I are doing, he can go home from work on time.