Heather and Lauren Thomas went to Cambridge District Court, filed affidavits, and went before Judge Hogan. They succeeded in getting a harassment prevention order issued for a period of 10 days against Alan Hodgkins.

They will have to return on the 18th to provide further testimony and to give an opportunity for Hodgkins to defend himself. If we are successful, the order will be extended by a full year.

FINALLY. Peace at home, even for just a little while, with potential for a permanant solution.

The frustrating part of this is that we had to go outside of the USPS to address this ourselves because they were unable or unwilling to control the behavior of a person on their own payroll.

From Heather’s journal:

..I’m emotionally exhausted. I want to have hope, but how many times has it been dashed? I won’t be relaxed until I am assured I will never see Al or Sharon again.