The US Attorney, representing the USPS, successfully vacated the harassment prevention order protecting Heather from Alan Hodgkins. We were given no notice. Within hours, Hodgkins staged an confrontation with Heather in our neighborhood on the path to the bus stop to pick me up.


Heather left the home at the same time she always does and took the same path to pick me up.

These photos were captured by my dashcam as she first drove by. You can see him talking to a neighbor. He’s not delivering mail.

Here’s him a second later, gesturing towards our vehicle.

Heather was absolutely stunned that this took place and was in a state of panic. She turned the vehicle around and returned home. She called me, and I advised to call the police immediately so that they can execute the order.

She called the police. Apparently somebody already called in reporting this. We later surmise that it was the neighbor in behalf of Hodgkins. After making the call, Heather parked closer to the corner that Al was so just in case he left she would be able to inform the police on the direction he went. She exited the car to document the scene with her cell phone just in case the dashcam did not capture proof of Hodgkins’ violation of the order. He recruited even more neighbors to create a scene and a brief exchange took place between him and Heather.

The police arrived and instructed Heather to return to her car. They had a discussion with Al, then returned to Heather, telling her that “he’s not stalking, he’s doing his job”, and the harassment prevention order has been vacated.

That’s how we found this out.

Frankly, it’s not the police’s place to say anything other than that the order was vacated. Their opinion is not welcome. This issue is still outstanding in Federal Court. This matter is up to a judge.

Heather left and picked me up. Here’s Al watching us on the way back from the same spot while on the phone.

The US Attorney indicated later that Hodgkins accused Heather of driving by him multiple times in an intimidating way. Here’s a question: why was he parked in the same spot for over 30 minutes in the middle of Heather’s driving path that she takes, like clockwork, three days a week? Again, he wasn’t doing his job. He created a confrontation. The moment that he gets word that the harassment prevention order is no longer enforceable, this is the first thing he does: more stalking. More harassment.. If Heather knew the order was vacated, I would have taken a rideshare home and she would stayed home.

As of today Heather has no protection from the State of Massachusetts or from the Federal Government. Alan Hodgkins has free reign of our neighborhood per his office as a USPS Postal Carrier.

We’re on lockdown again. Heather will not leave the house between the hours of 10AM and 6PM because anything that happens at this point will get twisted to Hodgkins’ and the USPS’ advantage now that he has a US Attorney on speed dial.

What else did they expect would happen?

I am furious.