Today is the first day that we returned to the normal routine of me commuting home to get picked up from the bus stop by Heather. We’ve been discussing it with our lawyer for quite some time, things have been peaceful, and it’s important that we return to our previous routine before winter.

Since June we’ve been taking side roads to get home either by bus or car to avoid Al Hodgkins or Sharon Demirdjian as much as possible. However, these side roads will result in either me/Heather taking really steep roads, which can be pretty dangerous in snow. So, now that it’s starting to get cold again, it’s time to return to my usual path home. A couple days ago she picked me up from Alewife Station and then drove home using those same roads without an issue, so we felt confident we can start doing this without problems.

Heather passed Al’s truck on the way to the bus stop. She parked for a short while. During that time Al did a U-Turn with his truck in the street and parked on the side where we would be returning. I arrived, and we went straight home. As we passed his truck, Heather noticed that he was inside, smirking, and had something in his hands, maybe a notepad or a phone or something. I would guess that he was taking notes or contacting the US Attorney to accuse us of following him around the neighborhood.

Nope, this is us trying to return to normal life by using the more efficient path home in our neighborhood. We live here. The entire series of events was only 4 minutes.

You can see as we pass returning home that his truck remains stationary until we leave, as if he were watching us.

I documented this to provide incontrovertible evidence that we are simply living normal life.

I guess it could be worse. He could have called the cops, or caused a scene with a neighbor again, or some other terrifying thing.

Heather expressed her worry about going back to our daily routine:

We have tried to go back to “normal life” several times now, and each time life has gotten worse. The USPS acts horrible and it usually results in me having to hide in my home. I get anxious and depressed and so I eat. All the weight I lost, I gained back. I got depressed and it’s becomes that much harder to try. Honestly, my heart doesn’t even want to try…My thoughts are “Why? Why try? I’ll only get push back. I’ll only fail all over again.”

..To say I’m apprehensive is an under statement. I want to do “normal life” so badly, but I don’t really know what that looks like, and I’m wary of the work it will take to get there. And IF I manage to make a life I love, how long will I have to enjoy it?