Al Hodgkins has really locked onto our routine and exploiting it to the fullest.

(Again, dashcam date stamps are off by 1hr due to daylight saving.)

At 3:20 Heather went to the bus stop. On the way there she saw Al delivering.

At 3:32 I notify Heather that I missed the bus that leaves Alewife at 3:30 over text. Heather heads back the way she came to take Rt 2 towards Alewife Station. Al is parked on the other side of the street and delivering.

She picks me up..

and we return home. We prepare to make the turn onto the main street into our neighborhood at around 3:45:

Surprise! There’s his truck! He positions it so well, we don’t notice he’s there until we’re slowing down to make the turn.

As we turn, Heather sees Al sitting in his truck, grinning from ear to ear.