Alan Hodgkins is continuing to escalate this situation and is increasing the level of sophistication in his actions. Today shows that he has used considerable thought and planning to surprise and terrorize Heather. Again, his current tactics are to place himself and his vehicle in positions where he can observe her from behind by surprise.

On the way to driving to the bus stop, Heather turns onto a side street so that she can easily come around and park near where I arrive. On that side street she turns past a bush.

(timestamps are 1 hour ahead)

Look at what Heather saw in the rear-view mirror after she turns:

Heather noticed that a short time after she parked, he drove away towards our house. He did this to repeat the same tactic. Once I arrive and we drive home, we notice him at a intersection which is a common place he has used to watch Heather in the past. He was standing on the side of his truck just looking in our direction to watch us as we passed. I was looking in his direction and was able to identify him.

Here’s the front dashcam on the way home by the intersection. Note that you can’t see anything.

And behind, after we pass:

Al was extremely meticulous in planning where he was today. He has assessed our routine, the path that Heather drives to pick me up, and the time she does it. He chooses positions and vantage points where we cannot detect him until we are already in his view. I am convinced he does this in order to put us on edge every time we go about our routine. His behavior is predatory.

Again, he’s doing this in broad daylight while a Federal case is pending against him.