Alan Hodgkins played chicken with his mail truck, again.

I was in the car this time.

In Heather’s words:

“We were driving along, and we were expecting him to be at that intersection, so I wasn’t expecting to see him yet. I saw something moving toward us in my peripheral vision on my left hand side as I was passing by [other street corner], so I hit the brakes. I look, and it’s Al, and he’s smiling. He starts to turn onto [street] and I continued home. It frightened me because I wasn’t sure if he was just going to fly through and t-bone us. I never would have stopped normally. Al had a stop sign.”

You can’t see anything from the front dash cams, because again he is coming at us from the side.

Here he is in the rear after we pass: (again, timestamps 1 hour ahead)

So that’s it. I’m purchasing dashcams for the left and right sides of my vehicle because I need to be able to collect evidence.

I just want for Heather to conduct business and for me to commute home from work without incident. I’m getting more and more frustrated about this, and we’re back to the place where we are concerned about being injured by this man.